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The Advantages
  • Perfectly smooth, even surface: The surface stands for flawless quality of material and technology – free of defects such as waviness, telescoping, air pockets or other forms of defective bonding.
  • Excellent workability: DURATUFF MDF can be turned, profiled, routed, carved and grooved – just like wood. It also has superior flexibility and screw-holding capacity. It facilitates mass production, unlike pre-laminated particle boards and plywood. Saves labour and time.
  • All-round durability: Pre-laminated DURATUFF MDF has powerful resistance against abrasion, household chemicals, steam, cigarette burns and cracking.
  • Excellence of lamination: The laminated decorative paper forms an integral part of the board, and cannot be de-laminated even under adverse usage conditions.
  • Super smooth edges: Unlike those of pre-laminated particle board and plywood, DURATUFF MDF’s edges substantially reduce the cost of finishing.
  • High versatility: It can be laminated, veneered, lacquered, painted, printed, or coated with PVC.